Looking forward to getting married soon? Planning your dream wedding can take many months and even years! No matter how long it takes, we understand just how important it is that your special day runs smoothly. Planning transport for your wedding guests is equally as important.

Perhaps you have invited some long-distance family from abroad who need collecting from the airport? Maybe you’d like your close friends to travel comfortably? In usual times, you may have offered to pick them up, but you won’t want to be doing this on your wedding day. That is why it is important to organise a trustworthy wedding transportation service!

We have prepared a guide to helping you prepare and plan transport for your wedding.

1.      Get the details

There are many elements to planning and arranging your transport for your wedding. Using this list, you can compile all the necessary information needed so that you feel prepared before you reach out to a company.

  • What is the date?
  • What time for pick-up?
  • What time for arrival?
  • Where is the pick-up location?
  • Where is the destination?
  • How many people require transport together or separately?
  • How much luggage is there per person?

By gathering this information beforehand, you will be able to organise the right kind of vehicle that suits your guests’ needs. It also prevents any mistakes you may make if you were otherwise unprepared, as all your crucial information will be there for you to access.

2.      Find a transportation company

Once you have gathered all the information for your wedding transportation, you should research and reach out to a reputable transportation service. Here at Cheltonian Cars, we have a brilliant fleet that caters to everyone. Our expert drivers and luxurious vehicles make for an excellent service, allowing your guests to travel in both comfort and style. We are always happy to help and provide any information you may need in regards to transport for your wedding.

It is crucial that the company you choose to use is legitimate and qualified. This helps reassure both you and your guests that they will be travelling with a company they can trust. Check that the company is:

3.      Book in advance

Booking in advance is essential for guaranteeing transport for your wedding. Give yourself and the company plenty of time. This will make it easier to make a booking for your special day. It is also worth considering the extra time needed on the day in case your guests experience delays. Usually, 30 minutes is enough extra time to have. When you make the booking, let the company know what the specific times are but be sure to ask for that extra time.

By planning any extra time needed, you can avoid any unnecessary stress for both yourself and your wedding guests.

4.      Feel assured

When you book your guests airport transfers or wedding transportation through Cheltonian Cars, you can rest assured that they are in safe hands. Our expert drivers are all DBS checked and have all the necessary qualifications for the job. We also pride ourselves on the service that we provide, all of which make for a pleasant experience for our customers. We offer:

  • No waiting time charges.
  • The same prices 24/7.
  • Comfort breaks.
  • Stops for essentials such as milk and bread on returning journeys.
  • Email and text booking confirmations.

We are experienced with both airport transfers and transport to and from events and are more than happy to help you organise transport for your wedding. Should you require airport transfers or event transport for your wedding guests, feel free to get in touch!