Parents all over the world will know how important it is to them that their children are delivered safely to school or college.  Here we outline using a taxi service as one of the benefits of student transport.

It’s every parent’s nightmare, thinking of your child getting to and from school or college under their own steam.  Our minds play havoc with us, and we only look at the possibility of things going wrong and the potential danger that our loved ones may be exposed to.  We all want to protect our kids, and have peace of mind that they’re safe.  Sometimes, it’s not viable to take your children to school or college yourself, and many times, there is no school bus for them to use.  So, other methods of student transport may need to be considered.

Depending on what your needs are, have you ever considered a taxi service to transport your student to school or college.

The benefits of student transport are:

1.  Safety

First and foremost, you’ll be happy in the knowledge that your child or teenager will be driven by a professional and experienced driver.  You won’t have to worry about them being transported by another student perhaps, or a friend or relative that you don’t know what their driving skills are like.

2.  Affordability

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that using a professional car service to transport your child or teenager to and from their destination, is actually not as expensive as you may think.  What price do you consider appropriate for the knowledge that your little cherub is safe?

3. Flexibility

Perhaps your teenager is flying into an airport and needs to be picked up and transported home or back to school?  A professional car service will be flexible enough to wait for their passenger if their flight is delayed, and will meet them directly from the arrivals terminal, introduce themselves and help with any baggage their passenger has.  Equally, if they’re moving back home from University or College, your driver will assist with any baggage transfer and ensure that their passenger is comfortable and safe.

4.  Saves time and money

With transport costs on the increase, it can actually be more expensive to take the train rather than use a professional car service!  And of course, if your child or teenager has to change trains on the journey, then the time it takes on a train is also often longer than it takes in a car.  it’s a win-win situation really and plus the fact that if your child has a flight to catch, you’ll be confident in the knowledge that they’ll catch the flight.  There’s no guarantee that a train will connect on time or arrive at their destination in time for the flight.

5.  DBS Checks come as standard

This is an important aspect of using a professional car service for student transport your loved one to and from their destination.  You can feel fully confident in the knowledge that the person driving your child or teenager has every right to do so.

Some of the benefits of student transport can be taken advantage of in terms of the following uses:

Pick us and drop offs at their destination

Transfers from one place to another

Sporting events

At the start or end of term

Airport transfers

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