Summer 2022 is just around the corner, and this means that many of us will be gearing up for our holidays abroad. Now seems the best time, then, to run through the best travel trends coming this season that we’re going to start seeing a lot more of. Cheltonian Cars will be here to help you along the way with any private car hire needs that you might require during this time, and regardless we still think it’s worth knowing the trends you could be seeing this summertime! Some might even make you reconsider or inspire some plans of your own for the summer season.

Impact travel

Based on a 2022 Impact Tourism Report by Kind Traveller, 96% of travellers this year responded by stating that it is important for them that their tourism money make a positive, substantial impact on the local communities that they go and visit when they travel. Tourism hubs such as Costa Rica, Hawaii and Belize have emerged as favourites for this particular trend. In this vain, eco-inspired activities such as glamping and stargazing remain very popular.

Dream trips

According to a recent survey by Virtuoso, 76% of the luxury travel market has seen an increase in demand for travel experiences that are A-list, whether that be a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime trip to a safari in Africa or a private sailing excursion in the Bahamas. Bucket-list travel destinations in particular are trending, including places such as Antarctica and Machu Picchu.

Family travel

One of the largest and most significant trends we are seeing for the summer 2022 season is an increase in families going out and travelling together, especially in light of the post-pandemic period. After more than two years of missed birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, graduations and holidays, the result is an uptake in multi-generational family holidays. Because of this, resorts with an all-inclusive kids/family-friendly section are becoming especially popular choices.


Booking a last-minute holiday trip has traditionally been a source of fear for many holiday goers over the years. But this is set to change now, with more and more travellers choosing to embrace a spontaneous approach to travel. In light of a post-pandemic period, this also comes as no surprise. People are starting to wake up to the idea that experiences are incredibly important to them in the coming years of their life, and are far more willing to take spontaneous trip abroad if it means they get to go out and experience something different.


Wellness and self-care aren’t just a trend that’s started to appear outside the travel market. It’s also appearing in people’s travel plans, according to none other than Google search results. How this actually manifests itself may look different depending on the person. It should come as no surprise then that 79% of travellers have stated that they consider travel to be a form of self-care, with just as many consequently believing that travelling helps to improve their emotional and mental wellbeing better than other self-care alternatives.

So if you need a break, or some much needed time away, get booking!


Budget-conscious travelling is nothing new, but now more than ever (with the cost of living rising) people are feeling the squeeze of their wallets and responding by picking cheap alternatives to more expensive holiday packages. Because we can achieve a holiday on very little budget now, many are taking advantage of all the options available for us out there.

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