Planning to travel abroad? You will likely need proof that you are fit to fly. Some countries and airlines are now requiring a negative Covid-19 swab test with a certificate to show that you are not currently infected with the virus.

Covid-19 tests are not free on the NHS if you are not showing symptoms, so should not be used to verify you are fit to fly. In this instance, a private test must be carried out.

There are a couple of ways you can get a fit to fly certificate. Either your GP or a private service. If you choose to go with a private service you must make sure they are government approved, otherwise it will be a waste of money.

How Much?

Typically, the cost of a Covid-19 fit-for-travel certificate will be around £129 for a private service, however, this can vary between NHS GP surgeries.

When should I book my test?

You should check with your airline and destination guidelines the timeframe they require you to have had a negative test by.

If you choose to order a home testing kit, then you should allow a minimum of 10 days before your flight date. Most kits are available to order next day delivery, with the promise of results within 24 hours but it’s important you check this beforehand.

If you’re going to a test centre you can normally book this from as early as possible and book the test within the required guidelines for your airline.

Most centres will be unlikely to test you if you have had covid-19 symptoms within a certain timeframe. You will need to book a home test kit. 

If you require transport to a covid-19 test for your fit-to-fly certificate, get in touch today to book.