At this current time, foreign travel is open again.  With the ever changing rules on foreign travel over the past 2 years, we’re giving you the latest travel directives as at the time of writing this.  Although foreign travel is open again, it doesn’t mean to say that it’s as easy as it once was!  Gone are the days that we just hopped on a plane and jetted off without a care in world, looking forward to sangria and sunshine!

Although it’s welcome news to the travel industry and holiday makers alike, there are still some confusing rules and regulations – some Europe wide and some specific to each country.  Falling foul of your destination country’s rules may well see you being deported back to the UK without stepping foot out of the Airport!  And nobody wants that!

The rules are still subject to change in each country over the winter because, as it’s been recently reported, most of Europe are seeing an alarming increase in the number of Covid infections over the past few months.  Austria and the Netherlands, for example, are trying to get legislation through Parliament that will make Covid vaccinations compulsory.

As it stands at the moment, though, foreign travel is open again.

Travel to the United States

A long time coming, but travel to the US is now allowed for fully vaccinated people from the UK.  You’ll need to show your vaccination certificates and a negative test which was taken no more than 3 days before you travel.  Equally, it’s recommended that you have another test 3-5 days after arriving in the States.

Children under 18 don’t have to be vaccinated but they need to take a covid test before arriving in the USA.

Travel to Europe

Travelling to Europe can be a bit trickier at the moment, because many countries have their own rules and regulations outside of the EU.  This is because the rates of infection are different in each country and the infection trajectory rates differ.  For instance, as from 15th December, if you’re over 65 and travelling to our through France, you’ll need to show that you’ve had your booster jab on your NHS Covid Pass.

In Austria, you must have had your 2nd or 3rd covid jab less than 360 days before you enter the country.  Switzerland will only accept your Covid status for 12 months after the date of your last dose.

Government Advice

If you’re heading abroad this winter – the popular places for winter sun are Spain, The Balearics and the Caribbean.  For skier’s, the popular destinations are Italy, France and Austria.  To be absolutely clear about the rules and regulations of travelling each country, the government has listed 226 countries or territories where you can easily see what is required before entry is granted. We strongly advise you make sure you know what you need to do at least a week before you travel.

Returning to the UK

The main restriction of travelling over the past 18 months has been the need for quarantining on arrival from a ‘red list’ country.  This meant compulsory isolation in a Government approved hotel for 10 days upon arrival to the UK.  Not only was it deemed draconian, but the costs were extortionate.  The good news is that the ‘red list’ has been removed.  Although foreign travel is open again, there still remain standard procedures for re-entry to the UK:

  1.  The fully vaccinated no longer need to show a negative Covid test 3 days prior to departure from their foreign destination.
  2. The fully vaccinated will have to prove their status before travelling
  3. Everyone needs to fill in a passenger locator form no more than 48 hours before travelling
  4. Everyone needs to have booked a Covid test to take 2 days after arrival in the UK.

In fact, the Government won’t allow you to access your passenger locator form until you’ve paid for a day 2 covid test.  You need to input the booking reference in order to obtain your locator form. Many Airlines won’t allow travellers to access their boarding passes until they’ve uploaded their vaccination certificates and passenger locator form.  So, there are contingencies throughout the process to ensure that you can’t travel without the relevant documentation, but at the end of the day, it’s really your responsibility to keep up to date.  If you’re in any doubt about travelling abroad over the next few months, then the Government website is where you’ll find all the information you need to travel safely and enjoy your holiday!

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