We are most excited to hear the brilliant news regarding travel this coming July 19th! We know that this will be a relief for many holidaymakers who are keen to get back out there exploring and relaxing.

With the majority of us not having been on holiday for over a year, it is surprising to see just how easily we forget what the whole process behind going on holiday involves. That is why we have put together this brilliant guide to explain how you can prepare for your post-covid holiday!

We hope this helps give you some insight before you go off on your much-deserved get-away!

1.      Be fully vaccinated and bring proof.

Before you book your flights, it is important that you are fully vaccinated or have been a part of a formally approved UK vaccine clinical trial before your departure date including an extra 14 days – if you are looking to not have to quarantine. If you are not vaccinated, you will be asked to potentially isolate in both countries and you will have to pay for this. You might also be denied entry into a country, so be sure you read up all of the rules and regulations in place before you book.

You will need to take part in pre-departure testing and will also need to provide proof of your vaccination status to carriers in advance.

To find more information regarding this, we at Cheltonian Cars recommend you visit the GOV website regarding quarantine-free travel.

2.      Bring all essentials with you.

Of course, we recommend that you follow the usual packing process like you would have for any other holidays. Prepare a useful checklist in advance, that way you can be certain that you have packed everything you need.

Don’t forget to pack plenty of spare masks, bring portable hand sanitisers and if you are exempt from wearing a mask, bring your lanyard and documentation.

Bring plenty of sunscreen if you are going somewhere sunny!

3.      Book your airport transport.

Make your travel to the airport a simple but comfortable one. Booking a reliable company such as Cheltonian Cars will help guarantee that you get to the airport on time safely and quickly. We prepare an excellent route plan and give plenty of time so that you can get to the airport with ease.

Our fleet features a variety of vehicles to suit everyone, and we always have plenty of space for all that luggage!

Our drivers are very accommodating, if you ever need to stop at services to use the facilities or to quickly grab essentials – we are more than happy to fit this in.

You can find out more about our reputable airport transfer service on our website.

4.      Enjoy your holiday.

Lastly and most importantly, enjoy your holiday! We appreciate that it has been difficult recently, many of us have been deeply affected by Covid-19. We truly believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we will soon be there.

Take your well-deserved time away, enjoy it and be sure to think positively. When you are ready to come home, we will be more than happy to take you back and wait for your next adventure away!

Booking your post-Covid holiday travel transport to the airport is easy when you go through us at Cheltonian Cars. Your experience with us will be a great one – where we get you to the airport on time safely and in style. Find out more today on our website or contact us to see how we can help!